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     When registering, the users of the library must give and verify their personal data (by showing an ID, passport, or student's card): name, place and date of birth, address, job, workplace, ID number.

     The register of the reader includes the above listed data and their declaration in which they accept the parts of rules of using the library that applies to them, also abiding rules of document handling, and submitting changes in personal data. In this declaration it is also stated that those who have an own earning are financially responsible for the borrowed documents. In case of those not having an own earning, a voucher has to be responsible.

     The reader's card contains the reader's own ID, name, the number of documents on loan, and the due date. The reader's card can only be used by its owner. Returning documents does not require showing the reader's card.

      The library is bound to protect personal data according to the relevant laws.

      A registration fee can be asked for by the decision of the supporting institute. The library does not ask for a registration or an overdue fee.

      Users of the library may pay a so called library patron fee on a voluntary basis.

      Registered users of the library can borrow the assigned printed documents of the library for free.







Opening Hours

Monday: 10-12:00   13-18:00
Tuesday: 10-12:00   13-18:00
Wednesday: - 13-18:00
Thursday:  10-12:00 13-18:00
Friday: 10-12:00  13-18:00


Petőfi Sándor Community Centre and Library of Nagymágocs
40 Szentesi út, Nagymágocs, H-6622

Phone: +3663 363 004, +3670 672 8387

Fax: +3663 363 004