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The library lends documents that are to be borrowed to their readers. The loan periods and the number of borrowable documents at the same time sorted by document types are as follows:

                                              Loan period                  Renewal

  • Books

borrowable holdings              28 days                                 yes (twice)

not borrowable holdings  Friday to Tuesday                     no

local history                      Friday to Tuesday                     no

periodicals                               1 week                                 yes (once)

-     Audio-visual documents

records                                    1 week                               no

CD                                           1 week                                no


One reader can borrow up to 6 library items at the same time, including a maximum of 3 audio-visual documents. 10 periodicals can be borrowed at the same time from older periodicals, including a maximum of 3 items from the same title.


Handbooks are basically for local use, so their lending can be denied.


Renewal of the loan period – oral, by telephone or letter – is only possible if there is no booking present for that given document.


The fact of lending is recorded in the integrated library system of ‘HunTéka' by the library.


Procedure in case of delay


The users of the library who does not return the borrowed books by the end of the loan period exclude themselves from further borrowing until they fulfil their obligation.


In case the reader did not return the borrowed documents by the end of the loan period and did not request renewal of the borrowing, after one month tolerance time from the end of the loan period the library sends a letter of reminder to the reader in which the reader is warned of their obligation.


If the document is not returned to the library, after two weeks the library warns the borrower again to return the document. In this letter the documents are listed by the piece and type.


If the document is not returned by the borrower after another two weeks' time, the library sends a third call in which they state the amount of money they claim because of the reader's neglecting of returning the document. This includes sum of the postal and administrational costs and the value of the document. Assessing the latter one is determined by the decision of the leader of the library according to its value in the collection. Depending on the lost documents' value, the library may ask for multiple price of the original one.


If the document is still not returned to the collection, the library warns the reader by a return receipt letter. This letter also has to warn the reader that thirty days after posting the letter – if the debt is still due – the library is obliged to turn to court in order to obligate the borrower to pay the debt according to the orders of the law LIII. (1994).

Opening Hours

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