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“Book goes to your home”

The local library starts a new service to those who would not like to give up the joy of reading, but because of different reasons they cannot exploit the opportunity of borrowing from the library. We offer our new service to those who are forced to stay in a bed of sickness at their home cannot personally come to their readings but would like to read new and interesting books. People who would like to use our new service should indicate their will at the library. After registering to the library, the books are delivered to those who claim them by our staff and cultural co-workers. The librarians fulfil wishes and assemble book packages to be delivered according to readers' requests or given subjects. The service includes borrowing six books for four weeks once a month. Accomplishment is also helped by the staff of the Welfare Centre. Turn to them with your claims trustfully, the wanted books will be delivered to the patients by their district‑nurses. You can enquire in the library personally, by telephone (+3663 363 004, +3670 672 8387) or by email (, and in the Welfare Centre (+3663 363 014).

Opening Hours

Monday: 10-12:00   13-18:00
Tuesday: 10-12:00   13-18:00
Wednesday: - 13-18:00
Thursday:  10-12:00 13-18:00
Friday: 10-12:00  13-18:00


Petőfi Sándor Community Centre and Library of Nagymágocs
40 Szentesi út, Nagymágocs, H-6622

Phone: +3663 363 004, +3670 672 8387

Fax: +3663 363 004