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Interlibrary loan

Interlibrary loan


            The library acquires those documents that cannot be found in its collection via interlibrary loan for the users.

            Our library is the member of the National Document Supplier System (ODR). Therefore it is possible for our readers to borrow books which cannot be found in our holdings.


Process of interlibrary loan


            The service is available for the registered user who accepts our library's regulations of interlibrary loan. We do not accept requests for documents that are available in our library's collection.

            When requiring a document's interlibrary loan, the reader has to be informed about the possible ways of interlibrary document service:

  • in the original form,
  • in a copy, or
  • in an electronic form.


            They must be informed about the possibilities and costs of the different forms – also, they must be informed about the ways of refunding the postage fee.


            In case of demand in the original form, sending the document remains a free service, the postage is also free, the postage fee of sending back, however, must be paid by the library user.


            The cost of the document requested in a copy is the fee of copying and the postage fee defined by the sender library.


            There is no cost in case of a demand in an electrical form if the arrived document is viewed by the user of the library on a computer in one of the requesting library's indoor rooms (they do not print or save it).


Postage fees of interlibrary loan


            Libraries in the National Document Supply System (ODR) fulfil requests for free, however, from 2007 because of a change in the system of support, the cost of sending back the original document has to be paid by the reader who requested that document.


            When estimating the postage fee, the library determines the fee to be paid in a way that it will cover the fee of sending back, and at the same time it cannot contain a profit element for the benefit of the library!


            The postage fee is paid by the user of the library when the requested document arrives at the requiring library and the user of the library goes for the document after being informed of the arrival. This is not a service fee but the partial payment of the postage fee.


            To determine the extent of the postage fee, the current postal tariff is needed, furthermore, the sender library's stipulation concerning handling of the document (e.g. express delivery, registered post, etc.)


            The librarian doing the interlibrary document‑service determines the amount of postage fee to pay according to the postal tariff. (They can apply scales to determine the weight.)


            The postal fee is the least in case the library takes the advantage of the possibility of sending as "printed matter" in each case when the weight of the document makes it possible, and furthermore the library does not apply the "registered post" special sign, only in case of rare, exceedingly valuable delivery.


            The cost of foreign interlibrary loan is 4.500 forints (HUF) per volume. Further expenses are added because of sending the documents back to the National Széchényi Library.


            The reader pays when they receive the publication requested by interlibrary loan. If the publication does not arrive by the given deadline, the library cancels the order at the partner library. If the book is already on the way, the cost of sending back is debited to the library.


            The library receives the sum as a receipt, VAT is not produced.


The method of collecting the fee


            The method of collecting the fee, similarly to paying other incomes of the library, is carried out by an account block. The reader gets a bill of the payment.

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