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About Us

The library of the institution has a dual function. It functions as a school library, together with providing library service to all the inhabitants of the village. The public library takes place in the building of the community centre, the school library can be found in one of the classrooms in the school. Both distinctive duties have to be fulfilled with the same staff and assets.

Its collection and service system is characterised by the goal of fulfilling both duties fully and equally. Its collection is constantly developed, digested, kept, maintained, and made accessible according to the demands. It informs about documents and services of the library, the public library system, and the libraries functioning in the institutions providing pedagogical‑professional services. Readers' interests are helped by book reviews.

The library composes its aims and duties by taking the readers' needs into consideration.

It expects its child and adult readers with borrowable literature, educational books, locally readable periodicals, and handbooks. Its main duties include helping with educating people to become readers and users of a library, and to be able to get information independently.

The library is in a close working relationship with the institutions of the ‘Nagymágocsi ÁMK', the kindergarten and the nursery. In order to become readers, we invite pre‑schoolers to the library, where we try to get them to like the library at this age by telling tales, rhymes, and playing games, holding arts and crafts workshops.

We keep in touch with the Hunyadi János Primary School of Nagymágocs, its pupils and teachers as a working relationship. There are possible ways of connection among all fields of education of the school and the services of the library that can be and have to be exploited for the benefit of education.

In the library we provide pupils with documents that are required for learning and doing homework. According to the needs of pedagogues wishing to improve the efficiency of teaching we provide the possibility to introduce their pupils to the practice of using books and orientation in a library. According to demands we organize trainings about using the library and introducing the library.

Different (subjects, sports, art, etc.) competitions, quizzes held by the school annually help developing talented pupils in the framework of school education. We help students prepare for competitions and quizzes with library equipment.

Exploiting our opportunities we organize lectures for pupils which serve as a verification of previously learned knowledge at school.

Our goal is to improve accessibility of information and documents. We intend to increase the library's role of being the local information centre where, besides traditional library services, users can draw on those tools of telematics that are needed for work, learning, and getting information.

Besides maintenance and quality development of our present services, our aim is to increase the information equality of the disadvantaged social classes. We ensure that they can use the traditional and online library services.

We organize programmes to develop the culture of reading by the collaboration of the local literature company and invited lecturers.

By creating an unhindered, interactive web page, establishing an overall, electronic library catalogue, we provide the possibility to get information about our library and documents.

We are setting up a local history electronic library database in order to preserve the local history heritage.

We are broadening the number of users' up-to-date techniques of getting information by handing out elements of electronic literacy.

Opening Hours

Monday: 10-12:00   13-18:00
Tuesday: 10-12:00   13-18:00
Wednesday: - 13-18:00
Thursday:  10-12:00 13-18:00
Friday: 10-12:00  13-18:00


Petőfi Sándor Community Centre and Library of Nagymágocs
40 Szentesi út, Nagymágocs, H-6622

Phone: +3663 363 004, +3670 672 8387

Fax: +3663 363 004