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Service of the library

The user of the library has the right to benefit from the services of the library during the opening hours.


The user of the library is entitled to the following basic services:


  • visiting the library
  • on the spot use of dedicated parts of the holdings (e.g. dictionaries, periodicals)

The library ensures that parts of the holdings that are to be public can be used by the visitors. Without limitations the users of the library can take documents from the open access shelves, however their attention should be turned to that – after use – they must leave the documents on their table.

  • use of holdings searching tools (catalogue)
  • information on the library and the services of the library system
  • information of public utility


Apart from the above listed services, further services are available with registration to the library.


  • borrowing
  • interlibrary loan
  • use of the internet

Opening Hours

Monday: 10-12:00   13-18:00
Tuesday: 10-12:00   13-18:00
Wednesday: - 13-18:00
Thursday:  10-12:00 13-18:00
Friday: 10-12:00  13-18:00


Petőfi Sándor Community Centre and Library of Nagymágocs
40 Szentesi út, Nagymágocs, H-6622

Phone: +3663 363 004, +3670 672 8387

Fax: +3663 363 004